DJ Equipment for Beginners

Finding the best DJ equipment for beginners is very important in launching your career. You don’t want to spend too much when you’re first starting, but you do want to make sure your sound is as good as possible and your mixes are clean and polished. Fortunately, there is plenty of great DJ equipment out there to get you started. Some of the best equipment includes the Pyle Mixer, the Numark Mixtrack 3, and the Pioneer DJ system that includes a two channel controller. As long as you take enough time to research your setup thoroughly, set aside a bit of initial funding to get your first purchases made, and choose a setup with good longevity, you will be able to successfully launch your career as a DJ.

DJ Equipment for Beginners

At the very least when starting out, you will need to choose a controller and computer setup. This setup can be very important for beat matching, crossfading, and mixing. Beginner DJ startup sets usually have USB controllers which can be a simple way to start your mixing process. However, if you just plan to use your laptop for DJing, it will be harder to control your mixes.

You will also need to pick between traditional setups, CD setups, or digital equipment.

For digital DJs, you will need to get a software program like Traktor Scratch or Serato Scratch Live to begin your mixing. You don’t have quite the same power that tactile DJs will, but the sounds you can manage will be very similar.

You can equip your computer to work in conjunction with speakers to get good quality and mixes. In addition, speakers with this type of setup won’t require you to read crowds or have analog DJ skills in order to make good mixes. You will need a mixer, a library, a laptop, headphones, and a software program to help you get started as fast as possible. Virtual DJ is a good program for controlling your mixes, while good headphones will help you hear in loud areas that may get a little crazy when the crowd goes wild. Comfort, wide frequency, responsiveness, and noise isolation are important for choosing headphones as a DJ.

Top 10 DJ Equipment Items

1) Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 Controller

The Pioneer DJ system is a great starting controller for new DJs. Including a basic midi controller, builtin card for sound, and dynamic controls for top DJ mastering, this unit includes large jog wheels and tactile pads as well. It is easy to use and highly recommended in terms of price and quality.

2) Numark Party Mix Controller

Designed specifically with newer DJs in mind, the Numark Party Mix unit includes a chassis that is complete with slider controls, dual scratch platters, and a compact setup. The unit includes sync controls that are backlit, sampling and looping pads with eight multi function controls, and audio outputs designed for cueing and mastering. The unit also includes a download card for virtual DJ software, and a plug and play setup to make it simple to get your DJ system up and running.

3) VM Audio DJ Speakers

The VM Audio speakers are a great quality speaker setup for new and experienced DJs alike. With a price tag of $150, these won’t break the bank but will provide a great sound setup that is high quality and radiating. It also includes a passive 4 way system for loudspeaker emission and dispersion that is wide and high frequency with a one inch horn tweeter.

4) Behringer DJ High Def HPX2000 Headphones

The Behringer DJ Headphones are powerful, sturdy, and great for new DJs thanks to the low price tag. These include bass in high def, highs that are super transparent, and a dynamic range that is super high for efficiency and sound quality.

5) Ableton Live 9

One of the top DJ software programs available, Ableton Live gives you everything you need to start sequencing and mixing. With audio multi track recording, MIDI sequencers, hardware and software instruments, and up to sixteen tracks with eight scenes per, this sound library gives you everything you need to create unique mixes. It is also priced under $100, making it an affordable choice. The program lets you perform, produce, compose, remix, and DJ as you would like.

6) Hercules DJ Control System

Including the DJUCED mixing software package, this unit has simple mixer controls, a midimapable software and Traktor package, and a lightweight setup. The unit also has built in outputs for audio that lets you preview tracks using headphones. Low priced and rated highly, this mixing control system is a good choice for beginner DJs thanks to its uncluttered design and digital turntables.

7) Pyle Bluetooth Mixer

The Pyle Mixer is completely wireless, letting you plug in and go without needing a complicated wired setup. This unit includes a lanced inputs from mics, switchable aux inputs, balanced input jacks, audio line inputs, a headphone jack, and plenty of compatibility with devices like the iPad, iPhone, and more. As a starting unit, the Pyle mixer is also very affordable and a great choice for beginner DJs. It is easy to use without a complex interface or difficult setup.

Other Tips for Beginner DJs

When you are starting your equipment setup, you should definitely include an external hard drive as part of your setup. A single terabyte is usually all you need — and it is simple to set up and get started using. It’s also very hard to fill up, making it a good choice for anyone who needs a long term solution for storing songs. When you are just starting your equipment collection, it’s a good idea to read reviews from other DJs to get a feel for which software, mixers, and other items are best for making your collection successful.


As a beginner DJ, it can be tough to set up a budget and make your first purchases. However, it’s an important part of getting good sound quality and ensuring that people come back to listen to you time and time again. The best DJ equipment for beginners doesn’t have to be too expensive; just a little research can help you decide between a package that is affordable and easy to set up and one that is overly complex.